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- Interest compounded quarterly.
- Minimum balance is required upon opening of account.
- You have the absolute right to your credits at any time, and we will work hard to make your funds accessible to you quickly and efficiently.
- To downgrade an account, the account opening fee of the account type going from will be deducted from your account. (eg. when going from a super to an advanced account, a 100,000 surcharge will be applied.)
- To close an account, a 10% surcharge will be deducted from the balance of the account upon closure.
- Should an account holder die, the account may pass to a chosen heir. If no heir is chosen, the Galactic Bank reserves the right to appropriate the funds therein.
- All conditions are subject to change, account holders will be notified of said changes prior to implementation.
- To complete an account opening process, fill in the form above and send the amount you want to deposit to the Galactic Bank with the notice "Initial Deposit". We will send a confirmation once the first deposit has been made! Failure to send deposit will prevent us to open the account.

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