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- Must hold a verifiable job with a CMG or be able to demonstrate ability to make payments.

- Must provide collateral greater than or equal to amount of loan (control of property will remain with borrower, the Galactic Bank will retain ownership through duration of loan). Value of collateral in credits will be established by the Galactic Bank. Collateral used may be bought with money borrowed.

- Should borrower default on loan, ownership of collateral will be retained by the Galactic Bank. The Galactic Bank reserves all rights to resell any defaulted collateral. Default occurs after two missed payments.

- Interest on all loans is subject to a variety of factors, including notoriety, Engima rating, GM rating, any past or present business with the Galactic Bank and the present mood whomever reviews your application is in.

- Payments are due the 1st of every month, this can be changed to suit your needs.

- All conditions are subject to change, borrowers will be notified of said changes prior to implementation.

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