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With the saturation of real estate and other traditional and investment strategies, galactic citizens are finding it increasingly harder and harder to find the same return of your investment using the same old methods. Today, it is time to invest in a bank that is dedicated to using more aggressive methods for making your money work for you. Whether you need loans to fund your own dreams with little or even no collateral, or just need a place to store your money for a few months without the risks of leaving it in your wallet. Galactic Bank is drawing the best yield rates in the galaxy on all our savings accounts, with even our basic accounts beating the highest rated accounts of other banks. Don’t let your credits sit dormant any longer, make them work for you, contact us today and see how we can better serve you in bettering your future.


Our History

Galactic Bank started as a brainchild of two officers in the Royal Hapan Armed Forces. They found that there was no immediate location for them to deposit and save money or find a suitable lender for their various projects. Evan Crawford left the military and went on to study business, economics, and finances at several of the galaxy’s best universities, in order to diversify his banking knowledge. Tovakinpi Toshikhan remained behind in the military to make contacts and help build up the business partners' finances. After securing a firm hold on the banking industry, Evan and Tovakinpi moved on to setting up their bank's headquarters in a remote system known as Ketaris. With their combined knowledge and administrative experience they soon opened Galactic Bank ready to serve the galaxy as the largest financial institution spreading across the entire galaxy, serving people of all walks of life, banking for the galaxy.


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